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i am genuinely paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really annoying and ugly and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke

"I would much prefer to be a good person than a nice person and to be a good person you sometimes have to be bolshie, you have to be a bit angry. You have to say ‘no’. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being angry.”
— Andrew Scott for Attitude magazine (via wsswatson)
"Please don’t make me get these feelings for you if you’re just going to end up leaving.”
— Unbekannt (via me-tamorphose)


please respect feminine non binary people.

please respect androgynous non binary people.

please respect masculine non binary people.

please always remember non binary people don’t have to dress in anyway to prove their gender identity to you.



Trans  Drag

Drag  Trans

This has been a PSA. Thank you. 

Literally everybody needs to understand this IMMEDIATELY

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you know what i love as much as my otp

other people who ship my otp